MMHead5 Musing Mistress: P.A.D. #8


P.A.D. #8

I try not to be too arrogant about my intelligence. I have a college education, but am not elitist about it. I have met plenty of smart people who didn't go to college and plenty of dumb ones who have. That being said if you are going to respond to a personal ad please, I beg you, be semi fucking literate!!!

Mistress... I can work ouside the hose but i dont drive cuz i lost me drive lince.. i am looking to be a live in slave and maybe be molded into your perfect husben latter in life......i am bi 5'10 145lbs i work out ever day..I have been readying about the bdsm lifestly for the past 4 yrs.. and this is suthing i want to be apartof.. my calling is to be a slave in life for my mistress.. i have never been a slave nor had a session nor be coller nor sevr a mistress.. so that means i am ver new to this... i like to try new thing in life and i am ver gout going funn nice caring loveing guy i like movies going for wlak i am countryboy ver much sooo but i have a hood like to it cuz i have grown up in Det for the past 21 yrs of my life.... let me know if this interstec u at all.......

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           Anonymous jilly said...

wow, are they fucking serious? hahaha. when did they send you the ad? maybe it was just a halloween prank...i hope it was.

   9:10 PM
           Blogger 2Vamp said...

That is just..... bloody sad. Hilarious, though!

   7:00 AM
           Blogger Eric said...

ver gout post. me likes much longtime now. you make funny of sad ver pathet man.

Bloody well chain him up naked till he reads some freakin' dick and jane, 'show I sees it.

But then again, I'm just in this thing for the pin-up girls :-)

   11:53 PM
           Anonymous Shizgirl said...

Yeah, that "intersec" my need to choke the living crap out of the person who posted it. People that functionally illiterate make life painful for the rest of us.

   6:42 PM

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