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Anal Sex: The New Contraceptive

If this isn't truth in advertising I don't know what is:

Granted I look a lot happier when having anal sex...This bitch is just being overly dramatic.


More Scary Personal Ads...

They come in bunches I swear...

Winner #1:First off, I do NOT want anyone who is more girly than I am! Secondly, the joker outfit is a little too close to being a clown for my comfort level.

Winner #2:
Maybe it's just me, but isn't this a strange picture to send someone on a BDSM site? He looks more like he is advertising a smoking jacket or possibly a very pretentious brandy. Also, what is with the dog? I love animals. I take some comfort in knowing a guy has a pet. It lowers my concerns that he may be a serial killer. However, could you at least have a dog that doesn't make you look so, well, gay?

Winner #3:
Keep in mind I am a top. I have a desire to be served, worshipped, pampered, whatever. I also get a healthy ego kick out of my bdsm play because I get to play superior to my partner. That being the case I get to pick my subs based on my own criteria. One of my main criteria would in fact be that one is "worthy" of my attention. So, do not send me the following & think it will do it for me:
i am a wimpy pig who begs to be used,
degraded more now - so that i can
becum a total slut - used for your
do you want me to be fat, ugly?
is that what you prefer?
Btw, this person is also 6'1", 310 lbs & 45 yrs old...Umm, sorry I like my self way too much to roll you into my bedroom & abuse you. I'd much rather dominate hot guys. They are so much more fun to tear down.

Also, a word of caution: When it comes to the whole online dating thing...Make sure you are not hitting on your MOM!
Man dates gal on Internet for 6 months...And it turn out to be his mother!


If This Is Hell I Wanna Go!

Haven't posted in awhile, but this just had to go up (Found at Tina's Site - She always has the best art up!):

Also for an entertaining post on sex toys, check out my "normal" blog: Quarter Lifer


Sexy Foot

I hijacked this picture from Kaal's blog, but damn it is so sexy I had to post it.

P.A.D. #9

Another kinkster who just doesn't understand how one should respond to a personal ad....

Note this is not how to win a girl over...ever!


The First Time...

I will never forget the moment I knew My world had changed....
"C" and I had met online. It seemed so innocuous. Two college students with some common interests mostly related to books & philosophical bullshit. We moved on to phone conversations. I can't explain what happened next. The best I can tell he picked up on something in Me he knew he could exploit. Our evening conversations has digressed from the usual 'How was your day?' to 'I had a girlfriend who use to smother me between her breasts and it was amazing'. Suddenly I found Myself falling into something I didn't quite understand. I was falling into My dominant nature.

What had begun as normal phone calls had become full fledged phone sex. I berated him, told him what he was going to have to do to Me, called him bitch and slut with no remorse. I use to let him hear Me orgasm. My long, repetitious, forceful orgasms coming one after another. After I'd hang up the phone I would feel high, high the way cocaine makes you high. My whole body would hum. It wasn't the orgasms that sent Me over the edge, it was the power. A unique and new power I soon became addicted to. BDSM is really a mental game, a power exchange. I didn't need anyone to touch Me to get off on it. This was a totally different experience.

Though reality proved more difficult than fantasy I still remember the first time we were alone...
The little bitch in question fancied himself rather attractive. I fancy myself a photographer. So he agreed to come over to my house to let me take some pictures of him. For all intensive purposes it was just pretense for what we really wanted.
We made our way to my bed. We both knew what we wanted.
I leaned against the headboard while he positioned himself perpendicular to me. It was one of those times when nothing needed to be said. Words would have ruined everything. I looked at him with a knowing I had never felt before. With a nearly imperceptible movement slipped my foot right in front of his face. He looked up at me, silently begging for permission to proceed.
He gently kissed the top of my beautiful size 10.5 foot complete with red toenails. The moment he connected with my skin I could have died happy. It felt like there was an electrical current from my foot straight to my clit. It was by far the most erotic thing I had experienced in my 22 years and ironically I was fully dressed.
The upside to being a Domme is that you get to conceal how intoxicating an act is if you so choose to. I was not about to let this boy have the satisfaction of knowing what I was feeling. Honestly, they try harder if you seem unmoved by their efforts.
I nonchalantly lit a cigarette & began probing his mouth with my foot. A little at a time I pushed further & further into his mouth. I wanted to see how much he could take. He rolled over onto his back allowing me a better angle to work at. I could see his hard cock through his khaki pants. Like a little kid he would occasionally tug at it even though he was trying not to. I was reveling in this display of failed self-restraint.
Then he was simply over come by the situation. His body began quivering uncontrollably. I was a little unnerved, but also amazed at my new found power. His face glazed over. I knew at that moment I could have done anything and he would have willingly capitulated. It doesn't get anymore erotic than that.
We continued on for a little while longer. I straddled him intentionally teasing his cock. I nearly suffocated him with my imposing breasts.
We had to stop short of fucking...I had class. I didn't want to though. I wanted to play with my new toy.

Sex or not, that was the night I knew my life had changed. I was no longer going to be a vanilla girl. I had found something new, something different and I needed it. I craved it. Power is an aphrodisiac. Whether you have it or give it up it is fucking sexy.


P.A.D. #8

I try not to be too arrogant about my intelligence. I have a college education, but am not elitist about it. I have met plenty of smart people who didn't go to college and plenty of dumb ones who have. That being said if you are going to respond to a personal ad please, I beg you, be semi fucking literate!!!

Mistress... I can work ouside the hose but i dont drive cuz i lost me drive lince.. i am looking to be a live in slave and maybe be molded into your perfect husben latter in life......i am bi 5'10 145lbs i work out ever day..I have been readying about the bdsm lifestly for the past 4 yrs.. and this is suthing i want to be apartof.. my calling is to be a slave in life for my mistress.. i have never been a slave nor had a session nor be coller nor sevr a mistress.. so that means i am ver new to this... i like to try new thing in life and i am ver gout going funn nice caring loveing guy i like movies going for wlak i am countryboy ver much sooo but i have a hood like to it cuz i have grown up in Det for the past 21 yrs of my life.... let me know if this interstec u at all.......


P.A.D. #7

Personal ads with horrific grammar make me so hot!

"Hey Ms. Knina, Hows everything in the cheesehead?"

P.A.D. #6

Entertainment from another country....
"you is delicius, we love you"


My Warped Sense Of Humor In Action

For anyone who doesn't know about Blog Explosion it has been the best way for me to get traffic to my blogs. One of the fun features is 'Battle of the blogs'. It's a head to head battle to win credits. Based on the number of battles you win or lose you get a ranking. I just had to share this blog's current ranking because it made me giggle.


Not That There Is Anything Wrong with That

I remember when I first realized my interest in BDSM I felt a lot like I was "coming out of the closet" so to speak. I knew a lot of gay people from being in horses, theater, raves, etc. So I have heard the 'How I came out' saga more than a few times. I thought it was funny how much discovering my interest in female domination sounded eerily familiar...

"I think I always sort of knew I was different"
"I feel freer now that I am honest about it"
"It was like an awakening"
"I didn't choose to be this way, I just am"

A little cheesy maybe. However, I really did feel like I had found the answer to some great mystery of the universe. I use to regularly stop & think maybe I am a lesbian, but I was pretty sure I wasn't. Still I felt like as sexually liberated as I was something was missing. When discovered BDSM it was like a light bulb going off. I had gotten my answer. I knew what was different about me. Notably I was ecstatic not to be a lesbian. Not because I'm against sex with a woman, moreso because I can't get along with them. It would have been a cruel twist of fate for me to end up gay.

Anyway, part of the reason I have this blog is hopefully to give others someone normal to relate to. I know that submissive men seem to have the most trouble coming to terms with their desires, but really any person who feels they are a sexual anomaly likes to know they aren't alone. Well, you aren't. I was lucky to have like minded & open minded friends. Not everyone gets that so feel free to commiserate, enjoy or whatever with me.


Deviant Desires

I have to say Deviant Desires is by far one of the strangest fetish sites I've come across. There is a kinky quiz, faq & some information on the woman's book. Just to give you an idea of the place read the opening sentence of their manifesto:
We believe that nothing is sacred and anything can be sexualized, from disney characters and B-movie monsters to baked beans, latex birthday balloons and Thanksgiving dinner.

However, the best part is the fetish roadmap. It's very specific & interactive. I'm kinky, but it never even occured to me to whip out a giant visio drawing of sexual oddities. This is a snapshot of it, but you really have to go check out the real deal.

P.A.D. #5

The entertainment continues....
"you can have my ass when ever you like ;-)"

Not only is this an interesting way to introduce yourself, but is anyone else wondering why he is being photographed naked in what appears to be a house under construction?


Keith Garv

Keith Garv does some really sexy digital illustations. I was particularly fond of this one.


Sardax #2

Another really cool Sardax drawing:




I wish I knew who to credit. I find this image intensely erotic. I found it at Elise Sutton's website. For a lot of great information check out the site.

P.A.D. #4

The picture really says it all...



Though the plushie fetish is not my thing this cartoon made me giggle.


P.A.D. #3

Another winner...
hello Miss Lady, i am xxx. do you mind a male sub with no testes due to removal after car accident, xxx.


An interesting fem dom cartoonist:

The President
Photo from