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The First Time...

I will never forget the moment I knew My world had changed....
"C" and I had met online. It seemed so innocuous. Two college students with some common interests mostly related to books & philosophical bullshit. We moved on to phone conversations. I can't explain what happened next. The best I can tell he picked up on something in Me he knew he could exploit. Our evening conversations has digressed from the usual 'How was your day?' to 'I had a girlfriend who use to smother me between her breasts and it was amazing'. Suddenly I found Myself falling into something I didn't quite understand. I was falling into My dominant nature.

What had begun as normal phone calls had become full fledged phone sex. I berated him, told him what he was going to have to do to Me, called him bitch and slut with no remorse. I use to let him hear Me orgasm. My long, repetitious, forceful orgasms coming one after another. After I'd hang up the phone I would feel high, high the way cocaine makes you high. My whole body would hum. It wasn't the orgasms that sent Me over the edge, it was the power. A unique and new power I soon became addicted to. BDSM is really a mental game, a power exchange. I didn't need anyone to touch Me to get off on it. This was a totally different experience.

Though reality proved more difficult than fantasy I still remember the first time we were alone...
The little bitch in question fancied himself rather attractive. I fancy myself a photographer. So he agreed to come over to my house to let me take some pictures of him. For all intensive purposes it was just pretense for what we really wanted.
We made our way to my bed. We both knew what we wanted.
I leaned against the headboard while he positioned himself perpendicular to me. It was one of those times when nothing needed to be said. Words would have ruined everything. I looked at him with a knowing I had never felt before. With a nearly imperceptible movement slipped my foot right in front of his face. He looked up at me, silently begging for permission to proceed.
He gently kissed the top of my beautiful size 10.5 foot complete with red toenails. The moment he connected with my skin I could have died happy. It felt like there was an electrical current from my foot straight to my clit. It was by far the most erotic thing I had experienced in my 22 years and ironically I was fully dressed.
The upside to being a Domme is that you get to conceal how intoxicating an act is if you so choose to. I was not about to let this boy have the satisfaction of knowing what I was feeling. Honestly, they try harder if you seem unmoved by their efforts.
I nonchalantly lit a cigarette & began probing his mouth with my foot. A little at a time I pushed further & further into his mouth. I wanted to see how much he could take. He rolled over onto his back allowing me a better angle to work at. I could see his hard cock through his khaki pants. Like a little kid he would occasionally tug at it even though he was trying not to. I was reveling in this display of failed self-restraint.
Then he was simply over come by the situation. His body began quivering uncontrollably. I was a little unnerved, but also amazed at my new found power. His face glazed over. I knew at that moment I could have done anything and he would have willingly capitulated. It doesn't get anymore erotic than that.
We continued on for a little while longer. I straddled him intentionally teasing his cock. I nearly suffocated him with my imposing breasts.
We had to stop short of fucking...I had class. I didn't want to though. I wanted to play with my new toy.

Sex or not, that was the night I knew my life had changed. I was no longer going to be a vanilla girl. I had found something new, something different and I needed it. I craved it. Power is an aphrodisiac. Whether you have it or give it up it is fucking sexy.

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           Blogger kaal said...

wow!! how i wish that was me at ur feet...

   12:09 AM
           Blogger Eric said...

Not sure about the foot thing exactly (i guess it's not my cup of tea) but I totally understand the "event horizon" of such an event. One cannot really ever go back to being vanilla.

   10:06 PM
           Blogger Submissive said...

I wish I knew how to tell my girlfirend this.

I've added you to my blog btw Mistress.

   4:06 PM
           Blogger Jessie said...

Oh wow- that's SO funny that you found and read my blog... I'd seen the map on here but forgotten the webaddress because it was so late and I'd clicked on it from somewhere else pretty randomly.
Move to NYC- there is a HUGE fetish scene here, some very good professional dommes, and (I know from reputable sources) some pretty cool foot fetish partys.
... looks like we got alot in common- feel free to email me or drop by my blog again--
thanks :)

   7:25 PM

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