MMHead5 Musing Mistress: P.A.D. #9


P.A.D. #9

Another kinkster who just doesn't understand how one should respond to a personal ad....

Note this is not how to win a girl over...ever!

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           Blogger Eric said...

Cheech Marin once said about Cheech & Chong's comedy that it was like a big black dildo. Most folks would look at it and say "ahhhrg, get that thing away from me," but some folks, some few special folks, would look at it and say "yeah! that's what i'm talking about! Just what i need!"

This guy is probably just a big black dildo looking for the right girl to come along and hold him close.

Then step on his neck and put cigarettes out on his tongue.

   10:06 PM
           Blogger Annalee Blysse said...

Oh, so that's what he's holding.

   8:29 PM

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