MMHead5 Musing Mistress: December 2005


Anal Sex: The New Contraceptive

If this isn't truth in advertising I don't know what is:

Granted I look a lot happier when having anal sex...This bitch is just being overly dramatic.


More Scary Personal Ads...

They come in bunches I swear...

Winner #1:First off, I do NOT want anyone who is more girly than I am! Secondly, the joker outfit is a little too close to being a clown for my comfort level.

Winner #2:
Maybe it's just me, but isn't this a strange picture to send someone on a BDSM site? He looks more like he is advertising a smoking jacket or possibly a very pretentious brandy. Also, what is with the dog? I love animals. I take some comfort in knowing a guy has a pet. It lowers my concerns that he may be a serial killer. However, could you at least have a dog that doesn't make you look so, well, gay?

Winner #3:
Keep in mind I am a top. I have a desire to be served, worshipped, pampered, whatever. I also get a healthy ego kick out of my bdsm play because I get to play superior to my partner. That being the case I get to pick my subs based on my own criteria. One of my main criteria would in fact be that one is "worthy" of my attention. So, do not send me the following & think it will do it for me:
i am a wimpy pig who begs to be used,
degraded more now - so that i can
becum a total slut - used for your
do you want me to be fat, ugly?
is that what you prefer?
Btw, this person is also 6'1", 310 lbs & 45 yrs old...Umm, sorry I like my self way too much to roll you into my bedroom & abuse you. I'd much rather dominate hot guys. They are so much more fun to tear down.

Also, a word of caution: When it comes to the whole online dating thing...Make sure you are not hitting on your MOM!
Man dates gal on Internet for 6 months...And it turn out to be his mother!


If This Is Hell I Wanna Go!

Haven't posted in awhile, but this just had to go up (Found at Tina's Site - She always has the best art up!):

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