MMHead5 Musing Mistress: October 2005


Not That There Is Anything Wrong with That

I remember when I first realized my interest in BDSM I felt a lot like I was "coming out of the closet" so to speak. I knew a lot of gay people from being in horses, theater, raves, etc. So I have heard the 'How I came out' saga more than a few times. I thought it was funny how much discovering my interest in female domination sounded eerily familiar...

"I think I always sort of knew I was different"
"I feel freer now that I am honest about it"
"It was like an awakening"
"I didn't choose to be this way, I just am"

A little cheesy maybe. However, I really did feel like I had found the answer to some great mystery of the universe. I use to regularly stop & think maybe I am a lesbian, but I was pretty sure I wasn't. Still I felt like as sexually liberated as I was something was missing. When discovered BDSM it was like a light bulb going off. I had gotten my answer. I knew what was different about me. Notably I was ecstatic not to be a lesbian. Not because I'm against sex with a woman, moreso because I can't get along with them. It would have been a cruel twist of fate for me to end up gay.

Anyway, part of the reason I have this blog is hopefully to give others someone normal to relate to. I know that submissive men seem to have the most trouble coming to terms with their desires, but really any person who feels they are a sexual anomaly likes to know they aren't alone. Well, you aren't. I was lucky to have like minded & open minded friends. Not everyone gets that so feel free to commiserate, enjoy or whatever with me.


Deviant Desires

I have to say Deviant Desires is by far one of the strangest fetish sites I've come across. There is a kinky quiz, faq & some information on the woman's book. Just to give you an idea of the place read the opening sentence of their manifesto:
We believe that nothing is sacred and anything can be sexualized, from disney characters and B-movie monsters to baked beans, latex birthday balloons and Thanksgiving dinner.

However, the best part is the fetish roadmap. It's very specific & interactive. I'm kinky, but it never even occured to me to whip out a giant visio drawing of sexual oddities. This is a snapshot of it, but you really have to go check out the real deal.

P.A.D. #5

The entertainment continues....
"you can have my ass when ever you like ;-)"

Not only is this an interesting way to introduce yourself, but is anyone else wondering why he is being photographed naked in what appears to be a house under construction?


Keith Garv

Keith Garv does some really sexy digital illustations. I was particularly fond of this one.


Sardax #2

Another really cool Sardax drawing:




I wish I knew who to credit. I find this image intensely erotic. I found it at Elise Sutton's website. For a lot of great information check out the site.

P.A.D. #4

The picture really says it all...



Though the plushie fetish is not my thing this cartoon made me giggle.


P.A.D. #3

Another winner...
hello Miss Lady, i am xxx. do you mind a male sub with no testes due to removal after car accident, xxx.


An interesting fem dom cartoonist:

The President
Photo from


P.A.D. #2

This response made me giggle...
Midwest Farmer's Daughters make the best Dommes i am told.



The actual name of this photo is Grovel, but I like to call it 'Sub face'. Sub face is this amazing look you evoke from a submissive that comes only from them totally giving into you. I think it is the sexiest thing ever.

Picture from


I get the most bizarre requests, people, etc from BDSM personals. I just have to share some of them. So here is my first Personal Ad of the Day. Enjoy!

I have heard of fudging a little online, but check out this combo of stats. I don't think I want a male, lesbian who is twice my height but a third my weight...Wtf?? I'm hoping there was some sort of bad metric conversion here.



Just a little bit about this blog...
It is an 'adult' blog though I refuse to call it a sex blog. Musing Mistress is a place for me to dump all my horror stories, humorous adventures & curious encounters as a dominant female. I hope to keep my content lighthearted & humorous along with being sexy. I intend to post personal stories, BDSM related art, personals that make me laugh & any other information about the lifestyle I feel like throwing up. I am not crazy. I'm just your mostly average 26 yr old with a kinky twist.

Stick around, you might learn something.