MMHead5 Musing Mistress: Anal Sex: The New Contraceptive


Anal Sex: The New Contraceptive

If this isn't truth in advertising I don't know what is:

Granted I look a lot happier when having anal sex...This bitch is just being overly dramatic.

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           Blogger Heathen Dan said...

Interestingly enough, more abstinence pledgers engage in anal sex than those that did not pledge. It seems taking it in the ass preserves their chastity.

   7:05 PM
           Blogger Kinky Poe said...

You are not wrong. I have a post on my other blog from a few months ago about that exact thing. There was a hilarious article Bill Maher wrote about the whole thing.

   8:01 PM
           Blogger Eric said...

Get out! I cannot believe this is a real ad.

Not that I'm against either anal sex or preventing unwanted children, it's just too... too something about that ad.

Hilarious though!

   10:02 PM
           Blogger Doctor Fong said...

Ohhhh, Thanks for a great laugh!

   12:06 PM
           Blogger Her said...

Just wanted to say hi, and that I appreciate your blog. You don't see many lifestyle Dommes blogging out there.

   6:20 PM
           Blogger Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I'll have to show the wife that, it'll make her laugh.


   1:17 PM
           Blogger quack said...

Gosh, if I ever see that look on a woman while I'm in her ass, I think I would be permanently put off anal!

   6:43 PM
           Blogger Rae said...

I love it as an ad.. it's so in your face...which they really need to be nowadays...
and you are so right about the look on her face... how melodramatic can one low budget, just finished a new porn, actress get?

   3:30 AM
           Blogger Christie said...

lmfao and true enough

   11:06 AM
           Anonymous marie b. said...

Oh my god, what an excellent ad.

   11:14 AM
           Blogger William said...

That face is definitely a put-on. Witht he amount of coke she snorted before considering doing this on camera, she couldn't feel a thing.

   1:13 AM
           Blogger Cherry! said...


Love it!

   5:37 AM

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